Road and Track sat down with CPD Racing and wanted a inside scoop of what its like between driver and co-driver.

How well do you listen to directions? And how much faith do you place in the person giving those directions?

These are two questions I've been seriously mulling since I signed up for a rally. The relationship between a driver and a co-driver is one of the most delicate and important in all of motorsport. It can take years to form a deep, abiding trust. Which has got me thinking: Can a relationship like that be forged in a month? Because my wellbeing rather depends on it.  

Taking place over three days in late April, the Oregon Trail Rally is part of the Rally America Championship, the series where David Higgins, Travis Pastrana, and Ken Block regularly compete. The Oregon rally has 18 stages around Portland, from narrow dirt paths in the woods around the Hood River to high-speed desert stages near Dufur City. When it comes to rally in America, this is the sideways-sliding, crest-jumping, real deal.

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