David Higgins and Craig Drew were determined to charge for the win. After running two spectator stages 10 miles east of Fargo, ND, SRT USA #75 headed back into the forest. Higgins and Drew were in the groove and won Stage 9 - Anchor Mattson, putting them just 31 seconds behind rival Ken Block.

A stiff twenty miles per hour wind had trees swaying and dust dissipating quickly. It seemed as though the stage had been set for an SRT USA comeback, however, an unbelievable chain of events would occur making any progress towards the lead impossible.

On Stage 10 they had a power steering issue and shortly thereafter something in the road surface snapped the wheel seriously injuring David Higgins' hand. With possibly broken fingers and a stiff steering, the duo raced towards the finish but another stage win was out of the question. Immediately after the stage David pulled over and was working under the hood to try and repair the steering when, impossibly, his foot was run over by an event medical crew. Rattled by the series of events, David and Craig proceeded to the next stage. There was even talk of Craig Drew driving, but David decided he could do it. What could possibly happen next?

While waiting for the stage start a tree came crashing down in front of SRT USA #75 blocking the road. They eventually made it back to Service but it was clear that it was not meant to be. David and Craig heroically completed the event and with uttermost frustration settled for 2nd.

The showdown for the 2013 Rally America Championship will continue at the Lake Superior Rally on Oct 18-19 in Houghton, Michigan.


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