Yo Brad, How is your off season going and how is it treating you?
Off-season is going great, we have been very busy re-caging our prolites due to the new cage rule. I bought my second prolite from Sheldon Creed that he totaled, brought it back and made it like new again with 1 3/4" cage and made a whole new back half of the truck. I will finally be testing later this week. I also was offered to race Cognito Motorsports rzr in the production 1000 class at the Lucas Oil Regionals. I will be racing that along with a prolite in the regionals, and also will be racing my other prolite in the Nationals. 
The RZR should be a lot of fun! How did you spend your holidays and what did you do?
The holidays were awesome! Got to spend a lot of time with the family. We actually were able to stay home and we did most of the family events at our house. A lot of the time was spent cutting my trucks apart. 
Oh sweet, How was your rookie year? Did it go as planned?
2015 went better than I could have asked for. My family and I showed up to the lucas oil nationals for my first race weekend and swept the weekend my first two races, was mostly 1st place in points through the year until I got hit and wrecked bad in Mexico, rolling 7 times. I was out for a few races and came back to win the last round. I'm thankful to be having so much fun with me family, and also learning so much. It was just a year and a half ago I had watched my first race ever, and since then My family and I have pushed and worked very hard to race. So it's been a lot of learning in a short time, but I have had a lot of help from Brian Deegan and Tanner Stephens. 
Yeah you did have an eventful season, any big changes for 2016? Any big goals?
We have had a big change to the team. Now I have two trucks I get to play with on set ups. Two completely different trucks to. So I'll be able to choose which one I want to drive per track. My biggest goal is to have an absolute blast again with my family and do the best I possibly can to bring home a championship. 
Sweet! So whats in the works for 2016?
The biggest thing in the works as of now is racing for Cognito motorsports in the rzr. Also, racing my other prolite in regionals. Seat time is what I don't have so anything I can be driving is a plus for me. This year I'll be racing almost every 2 weeks so im going to get a lot of seat time. 
Getting some road trip action also! Is there anything you are stoked about for the upcoming season?
Im excited to get back in the truck and drive, it's something I always have wanted to do and my family and I have pushed so hard to do it. My dad and I work our normal job which is doing construction work and do all the prep on the trucks with Justin Yager. It's more than a full time job but we love the sport. 
During the beginning of the year it was very hard for me to get any sponsors because I'm so new and literally have zero background history. Mickey Thompson has backed me up since day one. I couldn't of done it without their help and I'm so stoked to be able to sign with them this year to work with their team. Beard Seats has created a new line of non suspension race seats for me to help create to sell to the public. Method Race Wheels has been great to me from the beginning also. I've ran their wheels from the start and haven't had one failure. US Gear has provided me the with the strongest gears on the market. So stoked to not be worried about a gear breaking. Can't thank all these guys enough for helping and being on board with me this season. Brian DeeganAeromotive fuel systems, KC hilites led lights, Thermotec heat shield products, Cognito Motorsports race rzr and suspension parts, 

Well thanks for giving us the lowdown and good luck this year! Go kill it dude!

If you missed Brads raw practice laps you can watch it here.

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