Another year has finished and passed. We are so stoked to announce another year with the Troy Lee Designs crew. We believe in surrounding yourself with people to push you onto the next level and the TLD boys overfill that position! They are more then just a team, they are apart of the Method Family and we couldn't any happier with them on our side. With Supercross starting and A1 is already here, get the beer, soda, tacos, burritos, pizza, nachos, organic food (if your into that kinda stuff), jack in the box, or whatever you like to party with, because its race time! 

Good luck to the Troy Lee Designs team. Heres to an amazing season and we could not be anymore stoked to be apart of your legacy!

We were given a quick shop tour and invited to the Troy Lee Designs team intro party so we figured why not share it with you. So enjoy these photos!



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