Compton, CA – September 15, 2015 – Method Race Wheels and UTV Tire Manufacture Tensor Tires are proud to announce their partnership with Robby Gordon’s Formula Off-Road and Arctic Cat to serve as the 2015 Official Wheel and Tire of The Arctic Cat Stadium Super Truck Lites Series.


Method Race Wheels partnered with Speed RMG Partners and Arctic Cat earlier this month, becoming one of the many great manufactures providing performance accessories to the new Robby Gordon Limited Edition Arctic Cat Wild Cats.   The public will get to see these vehicles for the first time this weekend at the Sand Sports Super Show in Costa Mesa California.   “We’re excited to be working with Arctic Cat and the Formula Off Road Series”, said El Presidente Kevin Fitzgerald. “There is not a better way to show case our product and dedication to off road racing, then by supporting the up-and-comers to this sport. It is something very important to our brand.”

The SST Lites class will feature 10 of the new Robby Gordon Limited Edition, Factory Built Arctic Cat Wild Cat X’s. The 1000 CC purpose built race cars are the same cars that can be bought at your local Arctic Cat Dealer. The 10 race-prepped Arctic Cat Wildcats X’s will be racing on 14”x7” Method MR401 UTV Beadlock wheels, and 30x14 Tensor Regulator A/T UTV Tires. The Wildcats will serve as the introductory race at the extremely successful Stadium Super Trucks (SST) events. Drivers for the SST Lites Class will include various Action Sports athletes, dealers and fans.


“We could not find a better way then using the two remaining Formula Offroad Races this season, as a way to promote the Wild Cat’s Robby developed. We will be able to showcase the cars capabilities in addition to unique suspension design and race inspired styling.” said Todd Romano of Speed RMG Partners.


“ Stadium Super Truck is about entertaining the fans, and there is no better way to entertain and grow this industry then to make everyone know the car they buy can fly. Watching the Limited Edition Arctic Cat’s hit the Stadium Dirt Jumps and Metal Ramps at 60 Miles Per hour and flying 100 feet in the air will be worth the price of admission and the trip to the dealership to buy one” said Robby Gordon of Speed RMG Partners.


There are only two SST Lites events left this season. Stadium SST Lites series will kick off September 18-20, 2015 at the Sand Sport Super Show in Costa Mesa, CA. Then again the first weekend of November the series will make a second appearance along with Stadium Super Trucks in Las Vegas at the world-renown automotive aftermarket parts convention, SEMA.


About Method Race Wheels:

Method Race Wheels was created to give to the Off Road and Rally racing community something that has not been done before. Create a wheel company that makes wheels specifically for their sport. Every wheel is engineered and designed for its intended use. All wheels have been through numerous FEA analysis and field test. They have all been developed to minimize weight and increase strength. The result is a wheel that is Lighter. Stronger. Faster.


About Tensor Tire:

The all-new Tensor Regulator A/T is a DOT Approved dual steel-belted UTV tire with 8-ply construction and a two-ply polyester sidewall to protect them from punctures and increase the load bearing capacity. The Regulator was derived from light truck tire design and features an improved tread compound and wide footprint. In doing so, tread life is enhanced along with braking performance in dry or wet conditions. Tread on the Regulator is deep and aggressive allowing the tire to truly be at home on all terrains including sand, rocks, and flat roads. A variable pitch tread design provides a smooth and quiet ride on flat access roads and pavement.


About Stadium Super Trucks:

The SST Series features identically prepared race trucks that produce 600 horsepower generating speeds upwards of 150 miles per hour. Trucks are raced in timed events in stadiums and controlled city street courses, featuring multiple jumps by competing vehicles and drivers. The man-made ramps are set up in strategic locations throughout each course, which allow the trucks to fly through the air nearly 20 feet off the ground and hundreds of feet down course. Races are featured at IndyCar venues, X Games and other large events that expose the increasingly popular sport of off-road racing to the masses.



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