The third-generation 2022 Toyota Tundra is the toughest, most capable, and most advanced Tundra ever. To prove it, the Toyota Racing Development (TRD) team decided the ideal way to showcase its “Born from Invincible” off-road heritage was to feature it as a chase support vehicle. The result is the TRD Pro Desert Chase Tundra.

The TRD team turned to Marty Schwerter at the Toyota Motorsports Garage to make this concept a reality, and it was unveiled at the 2021 SEMA show. Differing from traditional auto races held on closed-course circuits with dedicated pit lanes and paddocks where teams can manage repairs, off-road races are typically in remote areas like the desert so support is led by the team’s support crew in a chase vehicle. Chase vehicles are a vital part of desert racing and also need serious off-road capabilities in order to reach and support their race teams. Oftentimes, a support vehicle can mean the difference between getting across the finish line or a Did Not Finish (DNF).

The TRD Desert Chase Tundra starts with a solid foundation: the all-new 2022 Tundra TRD Pro, which features Toyota’s new, innovative and capable hybrid powerplant. The i-FORCE MAX twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine is paired with an electric motor system that is sandwiched in line between the engine and a 10-speed automatic transmission, and the package produces 437 horsepower and a whopping 583 lb.-ft. of torque, with that peak torque coming in at an impressively low 2,400 RPM.

To help ensure the TRD Desert Chase Tundra can navigate the often very rough conditions of off-road courses, it was fitted with TRD-designed long-travel suspension that uses the Tundra’s stock mounting points. It was also outfitted with a wide-body kit designed and manufactured at TRD’s North Carolina composite shop.

To help reduce unsprung suspension weight, the Chase Tundra rides on a custom set of lightweight 18-inch Method Race Wheels Forged Bead Grip® wheels, wrapped in 37-inch General Tire Grabber X3 all-terrain tires on all four corners.

“This thing is so cool, and I’m really proud of what my team and TRD accomplished. I started my career in off-road racing, so it’s in my blood. This thing is ready to go." - Marty Schwerter

2022 TRD PRO


2022 Tundra TRD Pro
i-FORCE MAX twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6
10-Speed Automatic Transmission

Method Race Wheels - Custom Forged Bead Grip® 18"
General Tires - Grabber X3 all-terrain 37"

TRD -Long Travel Suspension

TRD - Custom Wide-Body Kit
TRD -Custom Roll Bars
Rigid - Lightbar, Side & Rear Lights

Custom-Mounted Off-Road Jack
15lbs CO2 Bottle
Water & Fuel Containers
2 Roll Bar-Mounted Spare Tires
ARB - Tred Pro Recovery Board



Method Wheel Cleaner



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