Last week we were invited to Vildosola Racing to go behind the scenes and see what it takes to build one of these racing machines. We sat down with team driver Tavo Vildosola for a few questions about race pre running.  

Method: What is your mental prerun plan before a race?

Tavo: Depends on the race, but I try to set up a 9 day pre run plan if my schedule allows it. Pre run is 110% at all times. We arrive at the course before sun up & drive at least 300 miles a day. Sometimes it can go up to 350 miles a day. It is important to put in the work before the race so that you are able to stay as mentally calm and relaxed as possible. 


M: How does pre running take its toll on you physically?

T: Our pre running never goes as planned and can be pretty hectic at times. Long days and mile after mile of driving can be exhausting, but the more preparation for the race the better. To me it is a necessary evil. You have to do it.

M: Hobbies outside of racing?

T: I'd have to say skiing and scuba diving, but this is our main hobby. This may seem like work for some but this is another hobby of mine. Work is play!


M: Where is your favorite lunch spot while pre running?  

T: During prerunning there is little "hole in the trees" thats in between Uruapan and Ojos Negros. There is a little fire place to cook your food and everyone there is so welcoming and happy. Plus its a section that sucks so its nice to stop.

M: Whats your relationship like with Method Race Wheels?

T: It's been an awesome 3 years and growing. We have been extremely happy with the wheels. There truly is no better race wheel. I think what separates us from a lot of people is we'll run stuff even if the company doesn't like us or want to pursue sponsorship. We demand the best and won't settle for anything less. If were are not always evolving then someone out there is getting better & Method has the same methodology! (laughs)

Here's Tavo accepting our first Method Contingency $5,000 check of the 2015 season for finishing first overall at the San Felipe 250. Congrats once again to the entire team! 

Enjoy some more photos of this killer shop!


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