BJ Baldwin Diablo Dry Lake Bed Raw Heli Footage: VIDEO

This short clip of un-edited Raw Helicopter footage features BJ's 800hp Trophy Truck as he tears through the Diablo Dry Lake Bed reaching speeds of over 140MPH!!!

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September 05, 2015

I can’t believe most of the cmneomts. Alot of you either know nothing about football, wear claret and blue rose tinted glasses or just don’t understand reality.The trouble with Villa is a deep problem. A CEO who doesn’t even like football, A chairman who know nothing about football and a manager that sets a team up to his style every game.Ill start with Lambert as he IMO is clueless, he is trying to do what he did at Norwich in his 3 years there, in one go.At Norwich he did have big names or big egos apart from Holt where he was scoring goals regularly.He goes into each game with his narrow system, playing kids and players from the championship, League 1 and League 2.Im sorry but that is a reciepe for disaster because they aren’t good enough.Any knowledgable person in football knows you set your team up to 1. Stop the opposition from opening you up and 2. Create your own chances to score.He has been found out, we got destroyed by Chelsea 8-0, Tottenham 4-0, Wigan 3-0, Southampton 1-0, Bradford 3-1 and all honesty have been outplayed most of the season. Ppl went on about Mcleish but Lambert is worse.He has belittled Bent, Ireland, Hutton, Warnock, Dunne, N’Zogbia and other senior players. He can’t handle senior ego players.Lets look at the players he has brought and see if they have improved villa.Facts Bennett, Lowton, El Ahamdi, Westwood, Bowery are not premiership quality. Of course maybe in the future they become decent players but at this time Villa haven’t got a big enough squad to rotate these and steadily bring them through.Only Vlaar and Benteke are up to standard, ok Vlaar was at fault against Bradford but he is still adapting plus he has only just got back from injury.Lamberts system and tactics every game has shown he is clueless, the substitutions and shape against Bradford was amateur and a joke. No width in any game, even Weimann stopped on the ball looking for some support and got none.He is taking villa down to the championship with his philosophy and system. I can’t see many wins till the end of the season.QPR, Reading, Newcastle and Wigan have strengthened and we have brought 0 players or loaned anyone.This shows how much interest Lerner has for Villa and that Lamberts gamble on young hungry players has been a huge failure. I said on September the 1st Villa are going down and are in big trouble with those signings. Ppl laughed, slagged me off and tried to make out I knew nothing, well now I’ve been proven correct.There are some decent players at villa who are not been played properly and have poor players around them, perfect example of those are Bent and Ireland.If you watch football in depth like I do, you will see Ireland makes himself available all the time in little pocket areas to create chances, but players like Delph, Westwood, Bannan, Bennett, Holman, Lowton, El Ahamdi, Albrighton are just not on the same page. All of those mentioned take too many touches and hold the ball too long. Ireland came from a man city team with players like Bellamy, Robinho and co who were playing a 1 and 2 touch in midfield. Also a team with width which we don’t have. The goal Ireland scored which was offside against Bradford was caused by Bennett taking too long to slide him in, you can see it in his face when he gets into space and doesn’t receive the ball. Ppl say about his work rate, well look at Berbatov he walks around yet he scores goals out of nothing and creates, why? He dioesnt burn himself out like other players, more energy going forward. Bent is another player who thrives on crosses and poaching. 2 things we don’t achieve. We have no wingers or width to create chances for Bent and poaching comes from through balls as well as other players from midfield shooting, which we all know doesn’t happen.Villa have average players, im sick of ppl saying kids in terms of Clark, Herd, Stevens, Lichaj, Delfouneso, Weimann, Bannan, Albrighton, Baker, Carruthers etc. These players are 19-22 with alot of game experience, they are either not good enough or they are good enough. TBH only Weimann, Baker and Herd are good enough. Carruthers hasn’t been given a chance but the others have. Herd is a decent defensive midfielder not a centre half which lambert likes to do. Baker is hit or miss but is stronger with Vlaar at the back. Wayne Rooney, Fabregas were in the 1st team at 16 because they were good enough.Now Lerner IMO is now holding back money and not willing to spend, he wasted money on mcleish as well as compensation, Houiller and compensation and Lambert. He is trying to cut the wage bill which is not going to attract half decent players especially foreigners. We are structuring for going down and that is where we are going, you can’t run a club like he has.He rarely attends, he doesn’t speak out and let ppl know the direction he is taking us. He is just letting Faulkner create these mottos and marketing ploys just to make money out of everything he can at villa. He spends more on stadium ideas, Training facilities, Holte pub etc. you should start with the team before anything, more success on the pitch will create revenue off it. Also fans will come and spend more money.The demise has been proven from sponsors. From Nike to macron, losing genting. No one wants to be associated with villa now. Ppl need to protest how it’s run and by doing that you need to stop paying into villa and stop going. I have a season ticket and I have refused to go since Southampton. We have struggled against Bradford, scraped through against Ipswich, Swindon.Think deep into how the club is run and how the manager organises the team you will see that what I have said makes sense.

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