Vildosola Racing Baja 1000: VIDEO

Take a ride along with the Vildosola Racing as they race through Mexico in the 2014 Score International Baja 1000!


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September 05, 2015

The club and the owner are currently doing nionthg to stop us going down. Nothing at all. We go down, we are financially ruined. We already have big debts to the owner and are still losing loads of money while revenues drops. Going down a division will cost us a350 million as stated above. It will vastly decrease the revenue, but the losses we are making will still be there.If you think our current cost cutting is bad, think how much we will have to do to keep our club afloat if we get relegated. Anyone of any significant value will have to be sold. Anyone on relatively high wages, including the likes of Vlaar recently signed, will be unsustainable. We will be forced to cut to the level where we are at most, a middling championship side (arguably that is our current level) and at worst, in a position to slide down another division.Because unless Lerner is ready to cut his losses, wipe off the debt we owe to him and sell the club to someone capable, or do something that can keep us in the division this season, that is what awaits us. We will find ourselves in a very similar situation to Birmingham City. We will be losing more money than we can handle and the mess will get deeper and deeper.This is not negative. This is a realistic course of events that will probably happen if the current trend continues. We really will not be so far away from becoming the next Leeds, Wimbledon, Portsmouth or Rangers if we get relegated. Which just increases the pain, anger and tension as the owner doesn’t provide funds to keep us up this window. We have to gamble. It might make it slightly worse when it comes to selling players if we still get relegated, but it can save us from it. And it is not even being considered. Randy Lerner is gambling with the life of our club, and given the way Cleveland Browns went I’m not sure I can bear to watch it.

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