Custom. It's why you've purchased aftermarket wheels in the first place, right? Auto enthusiasts as a whole are brought together by their desire to customize and express themselves through their mode of transportation. Why not further that individuality by adding some custom paint or powder coat to your wheels? 

We get asked a lot about customizing the rings on our MR304 Double Standard and MR305 NV wheels. Unlike other manufacturers, the 'ring' on these wheels is not removable. The entire wheel is, in fact, one piece as illustrated above. 

In the descriptions on our product pages, we mention a 'simulated beadlock ring by way of a strategically placed under-cut on the outer lip of the wheel'. That same undercut is what serves as the perfect masking tape spot when prepping for powder coat or paint. In the above image, we've marked this ledge with the blue hash marks.

*IMPORTANT NOTE* Don't forget to remove all bolts/washers from the wheel and plug all threaded holes before sending to powder/paint!!!

While it may be a bit a bit tedious, taking your time with proper prep will improve the final finish tenfold. By placing the tape on that ledge, paint is able to cover the top and inner-edge of the 'ring' making it virtually impossible to tell if it's a separate piece or not. Custom finishes are not available through Method directly, but head over to your local paint/powder coat shop and see what they have to offer! Big thanks to Specialized Coatings in Huntington Beach, CA for this killer multi-stage powder coat. And finally, we leave you with the proper send off for old tires...



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