12 Unique Prizes - 12 Unique Winners. Enter below for your chance to win!
Winning entries will be contacted via email. No purchase necessary. 

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Method’s 12 Days of Christmas: No purchases necessary. 
Winners to be contacted by e-mail. Email entry required by 12/24. 

Limitations on prize packages are as follows: 
Method/Tensor Dirt Package – includes four (4) Method UTV Bead Grip wheels, and four (4) Tensor DS or DSR model tires. 
Method/Tensor Sand Package – includes four (4) Method UTV Bead Grip wheels, and two (2) Tensor Sand Front and two (2) Tensor Sand Rear tires. 
Gear Package – includes one (1) Method Backpack, one (1) Method Air Deflator, one (1) set of Method gloves, and one (1) set of Method Classic Stripes Sunglasses. 
Beadlock Package – includes five (5) Method Beadlock Non-Forged Wheels 
Adventure Package – includes four (4) Method Non-Beadlock Wheels 
Cold Weather Package – includes one (1) beanie, one (1) Long Sleeve, one (1) Hoodie. Styles may vary. 
Accessory Package – includes four (4) Center Caps, one (1) set of valve caps, one (1) Tire Deflator, one (1) bottle of Wheel Cleaner. 
Dusty Times VIP Box – includes set of Dusty Times VIP boxes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Six total boxed sets. 
Tensor Apparel Pack – includes one (1) Tensor Hat, one (1) Tensor Hoodie, one (1) Tensor Tee. Style may vary. 
Heatwave Sunglasses Pack – Includes Method Classic Stripes and Method Electric TOPO sunglasses. 
Method BOXO Toolbox – includes BOXO loaded three-drawer toolbox with custom Method wrap. 
New Drop Collection Pack – includes one (1) Tee, one (1) Hat, one (1) Beanie, one (1) Hoodie, and one (1) Zip-Up from new collection. Styles may vary.






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