Method Race Wheels:For people who don’t know you. Please introduce yourself and what kind of racing do you do? 

Branden Sims:My name is Branden Sims and I am professional Desert racer for Polaris Factory Racing 

MRW: What do you drive? 

BS: My weapon of choice is a 2019 Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo S 

MRW: How long have you been racing? 

BS: At a professional level I have been racing since 2014 (6 years) At a non professional level I have been racing for over 25 years 

MRW: What made you get into this industry? 

BS: My dad got me into off road motorsports and got me racing quads at a young age. As time went by and SXS's evolved it was a no brainer to go that direction in my career. 

MRW: What is your favorite part about racing? 

BS: My favorite part of racing is the glory that comes with being the best and the sacrifices it takes to get there!

MRW: Most memorable race? 

BS: Wow, the most memorable race...... I'm going to say winning this year's 2020 Mint 400! The amount of competition and the course itself will be a memory that is not forgotten.

MRW: How has your 2020 year been? 

BS: 2020 has been a strange year in general. My 2020 year has been full of ups and downs. Winning one of the biggest races of the year was def a high, and Covid has really put a damper in a lot of other events and races. Looking forward to 2021 and beyond.

MRW: What do you have going on for the rest of the year (2020)? 

BS: I have a busy fall with 3 races in 4 weeks between September and October, Sand Sports Super Show in October, Glamis for Halloween, and a few other content trips planned before the end of the year.

MRW: What’s your favorite thing about Method Race Wheels? 

BS: My favorite thing about MRW is the constant evolution to be the best wheel manufacturer for street, off road, or race environments. They build the strongest and most appealing wheels on the market. I run them on my truck, SXS's, and even my trailers! 

MRW: What is the best advice you can give to grassroots racers? 

BS: Dedication, persistence, and sacrifice will get you a long way. Introduce yourself to as many people and mingle as much as possible. Meeting the right people at the right time could be all you need to help you reach the next level. Results are imperative, but being and looking professional is super important as well. Drive fast and take chances, you never know what may happen

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  • The Method 401-R High Offset UTV Wheel paired with a Tensor Tire DSR 33.
  • A proven winning combination. The pairing of the 401-R and Desert Series Race (DSR) tire line from Tensor Tire professionally mounted and shipped direct to your door.


  • Developed for the extremes of off-road racing
  • Width and offset provide optimal handling and feedback for the driver
  • Solid A356 aluminum with T6 heat treatment construction
  • Iconic 12 window design with debossed METHOD logos
  • Reinforced inner lip provides extreme strength and durability
  • Forged 6061 aluminum V.2 beadlock ring for greater strength and less deflection
  • American made Grade 8 zinc-plated beadlock hardware kit included
  • Super strong 1600 lbs. load rating
DSR 33:
  • Patented American Made Race Tire developed specifically for competition
  • Proprietary nylon bias ply with fiberglass belted construction saves weight over steel
  • Decreased weight unleashes all of the available horsepower from your machine
  • Evolved closed tread pattern reduces drivetrain strain without reducing traction
  • Superior steering response and decreased braking distance from flatter tread contact patch
  • Increased number of biting edges for quicker acceleration
  • Unique weight optimized ribbed protection for puncture prone upper sidewall
  • 1600 lbs. load rating will support fully loaded machines
  • 33x10x15
  • 39.2 lbs.



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